How to Replace a Broken Cell Phone Screen?
How to Replace a Broken Cell Phone Screen?
Most cell phones withstand minor bumps well, but a cracked cell phone screen can render an otherwise good phone unusable. Fortunately, several options are available to help you replace a cracked cell phone screen. The following details how to replace a cracked phone screen plus how to sell a damaged phone.

First, it's important to understand that most phones have a separate digitizer and display. The digitizer covers the display; it's what you actually touch on a smartphone. When your cell phone screen is cracked, in many cases it's the digitizer that is damaged and not the underlying display. These are two separate parts; however, many repair kits come packaged with both parts together. Make sure you purchase the appropriate replacement parts or service to avoid overpaying for cell phone screen replacement.

You can either have your cell phone screen replaced by a professional cell phone repair service or, if you have a bit of technical savvy, you can do it yourself.

WARNING: No matter how tech-savvy you are, do-it-yourself repairs always run the risk of damaging your device and likely void any warranties and insurance claims. Be sure you know what you're doing and accept associated risks before you try to replace your cell phone screen. In addition, always make sure your device is unplugged and turned off before you begin repairs.

How to replace cell phone screen by yourself?
Every phone is different, but in general you can expect to take the following steps to replace your cell phone screen: 1. Separate the screen from the rear case. You might need to heat the screen and carefully pry it away 2. Disconnect various cables and screws 3. Swap out the old screen for the new 4. Reassemble your phone.

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Professional cell phone screen replacement
If you don't want to replace your own cell phone screen, you can opt for a professional cell phone screen replacement service. Such services can range anywhere from $70 to $300 or more, but will typically not void your warranty or will provide insurance or warranties of their own.

Professional cell phone screen replacement services are offered by both manufacturers and third-party companies. You can find third-party cell phone repair services online and in local stores and shopping malls.

You might find that a kiosk at your local mall can perform the repair just as well, for cheaper, and have your cell phone screen replaced in an hour or so. Ultimately, it's up to you to find the best deal – and to find out if any repairs are covered by your warranty or insurance coverage.

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